Why do we create God? 
(Concession x Truth)

In the video on the “Concession”, which comes to be the way the new theory of narrative semiotics advances, before, with action studies, events occurred in an implicit way, cause and effect, but now, no. With the concession, the predictable gives way to the unpredictable. The passions narrative is full of concessions, impossible adjustments, a denial or recognition of the truth.

The figure of God, who has neither name nor face, nor "body", is a sign that generates power only for those who "believe" in him. Outside of belief, there is no God. The figure of God is a concession, because it only serves a group of believers, and not a truth that serves the world.

Semiotics poses the question of truth as a subject's “arc” on his journey in search of a truth. Ever. But we generate a sign to become perfect, which in itself is a concession. As we are imperfect, because we suffer, and God does not suffer, because he is perfect, he has no “fractures”, we generate for us, in this figure, a perfect world that we are not.